Chassis & Suspension

The BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo features the most advanced suspension technology, offering owners an exceptional range of driving experiences.

The central objective during suspension development was to retain the unparalleled long-distance cruising comfort of the predecessor while at the same time significantly sharpening the agility, handling and lateral dynamics commensurate to the power output of the BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo.

The 2-axle air suspension system combined with Dynamic Damper Control and Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview guarantees the very highest level of driving comfort at all times while the Active Roll Stabilization minimises body roll during cornering. The rear wheel steering of the Integral Active Steering system gives the BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo a level of dynamic performance and agility not previously associated with performance luxury sedans. The Driving Dynamics Control button serves as the central control with which to select the various parameters that influence the driving dynamics of the BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo. It also features an Individual Mode, which can be used to combine specific settings independently of each other according to the driver’s preference.

The settings of the Electronic Damper Control, which controls both rebound and compression, are selected also using the Driving Dynamics Control. A broad range of ALPINA damper set-ups are available ranging from Comfort+ Mode for effortless and relaxed cruising to ALPINA Sport+ Mode for maximum dynamic performance.

ALPINA Sport+ Mode

At the touch of a single button, the ALPINA Sport+ Mode adapts the full range of drivetrain, chassis and suspension settings for maximum sportiness, lowering the ride height by 20 mm for outstanding dynamic performance and driving stability in the process.



Integral Active Steering

For the first time, the BMW ALPINA B7 Bi-Turbo features Integral Active Steering which in conjunction with the high-performance drivetrain and the all-wheel drive system offers a dynamic driving experience par excellence. The Integral Active Steering combines a variable ratio electric steering system at the front axle with active steering on the rear axle whereby the wheels can turn a maximum of 3 degrees. Specially attuned to the ALPINA suspension and MICHELIN performance tyres the rear axle steers opposed to the front axle at low speeds for increased agility and dynamic handling, while steering with the front axle at higher speeds for maximum high-speed directional stability.



ALPINA Drive Feeling

The ALPINA driving experience is unique - perhaps best characterised by effortlessness and powerful confidence. The intelligent suspension and chassis set-up plays a pivotal role in this by allowing high, perceptible comfort combined with outstanding driving dynamics and neutral handling. This is the oft-cited driving comfort ‘made by‘ ALPINA.


A BMW ALPINA offers a high degree of comfort and sportiness as well as neutral handling, which ensures stability and a high-degree of safety even when driving at higher speeds.

The electronic driving stability control systems are specifically configured for each specific BMW ALPINA model, taking into account a plethora of influencing parameters, in order to ensure that the high power and torque are transferred to the road safely and effectively.

The influence of the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle on driving stability is of particular importance, especially at higher speeds. Based on the principle ‘Form Follows Function‘, the aerodynamic components such as the front and rear spoilers are specifically designed to work together in order to achieve the maximum possible reduction in lift and thus ensure very neutral handling.

The brake system has the task of decelerating the vehicle safely and comfortably from high speeds. Generously dimensioned with maximum utilisation of the brake surface and equipped with excellent ventilation, the brake system in every BMW ALPINA provides outstanding deceleration performance.